We have conducted theft tests for national retailers giving them unique insight to how their stores work and which policies and procedures work. 

We simply enter your store and shop lift and yes all goods are returned and staff are informed immediately after the test has been completed. 

We capture everything on our covert cameras so it gives you the shoplifters view on everything that goes on. 


From 5 stores in 1 hour 10 mins

Retail Theft Testing

How confident are you?

Retail theft testing

Employees are not informed of the test, we need to ensure they operating normally and not in a state of heightened awareness.

Our contact from your company are informed just before we enter the store to conduct the test.

We have a letter of authority from your company along with a contact and a safety password, so you know it is us. 

After the test all goods are returned and staff are informed. 

Staff are briefed on our findings, how we did it, if it was easy or difficult, etc. 

A full report along with pictures and videos are sent to you for a debrief.