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Loss Prevention

Retail Theft Training

Reduce your losses and enhance your profit


Why have this retail theft training?

Shoplifters costs retailers millions of pounds a year throughout the UK, this course is aimed to enable retailers to push back and prevent shoplifting within their stores.

Most retail outlets do not have a budget for security officers which more often than not are ineffective and a poor return on investment leaving you with further losses. 

Most retail staff do not know what to look for or how to react when presented with a shoplifting situation and more importantly do not feel safe to intervene.

"If your store is known as being easy to steal from then more then will come!"

How it works

"Make shoplifting difficult in your store and they will simply go somewhere easier"

We train your existing retail staff on what to look for and how to deal with shoplifters, from indirect or direct detering to full on arrests, subject to your company policy. 

Staff will learn that no matter what their attitude is towards this problematic area of retail they can all play a part. 


Our Retail Theft Training


  • Awareness

  • Confidence

  • Product availability

  • Productivity

  • Profit


  • Loss of staff time

  • Fear

  • Reputation damage (public & staff)

  • Bottom line loss

  • Staff turnover

  • Risks

  • Wrongful arrests & detention

  • Negative press



Every retail company have their own policies on how staff should deal with shoplifters and we can incorporate these into our training to make it specific to your needs and requirements


You may be experiencing a particular problem or problems, our trainers have the expert advice to be able to assist you and build it into your training. 

It's not just training but consultancy built in as well. 

Retail Theft Training Course

Our course consists of the following aspects but we can include or omit sections to incorporate your own company policies and procedures


 1. Shrinkage

 2. Internal theft

 3. Employee attitudes

 4.Theft methods

 5. Shoplifters

 6. Arresting

 7. Detering

 8. Conflict Management

 9. Evidence

10. Security equipment

11. Prevention

Retail theft videos

Take a quick look at some of our videos

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