Fire Safety Training

  • Courses from 1 hour or 4 hours

  • Live fire practical

  • Free chocolate for every delegate


Fire Safety Awareness Training

​FSA is a 1 hour course ideal for inductions for staff or residents, this course gives the basic knowledge about fire safety and evacuation 

Fire Safety Awareness Training

with "live fire" practical

Fire blanket 3.png

1.5 hour course with all the benefits of the fire safey awareness course but with the added bonus of live fire practical so your staff can actually put out fires.

Fire Marshal / Warden Training

Fire Marshal 4 hour training is for people who have been identified as competent to suit the role of fire marshal,potentially tackling small fires, assisting with evacuations, sweeping out of areas. 



Combined Fire Marshal and Evacuation Chair Training


Two courses in one combined into 6 hours of training

Extinguishing fire

Water Extinguisher 

Foam Extinguisher 

CO2 Extinguisher 

Class D extinguisher - Metal fires

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