Haemostatic Dressings

Haemostatic dressing.jpg

What is a Haemostatic dressing?


Haemostatic dressings are dressing that are used for severe and catastrophic bleeding, tourniquets are also used for this but they are only used on limbs as after ll you can't place them around a person for severe bleed as a tourniquet would cut of their breathing therefore a haemostatic dressing would be used. 

When to use a haemostatic dressing?

This is not to be used in the first instance but only when all other lower forms of blood loss control have failed.


How to use a haemostatic dressing? 

  1. There are different types of haemostatic dressings so make sure you are familiar with he one you have in your kit

  2. The dressing should be in contact with the bleeding vessel such as artery or vein, you may have it tuck it in under the skin to achieve this.

  3. Once dressing is in place direct pressure needs to applied over the top of the dressing.

  4. Any packaging must be given to the ambulance crew along with the time it was applied,

Haemostatic Granules


The basics still apply here as above: 

  • Used only for severe or catastrophic bleeds

  • All other blood loss options have failed

  • Pour the granules into the wound

  • Use dressing to place over the top and apply direct pressure


  • Can be blown around by the wind

  • Cannot not be applied if wound is upwards as they are gravity fed downwards

  • Not to enter a persons eyes, ears, nose, throat, chest or near head injury where meninges or brain tissue is showing