Fire Marshal / Warden Training

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Full Training (4 hour course)


Every business, no matter its size, has a legal requirement to make sure that staff receive training and information on what to do if there’s a fire. Our fire marshal training course is a cost-effective way to train your nominated fire marshals in just four hours.

Course Aim

By the end of this course your fire marshals will fully understand what causes a fire to start, how to lead an evacuation, their responsibilities and how to keep workplaces fire safe.


Trainees will also have the opportunity to practice using a fire extinguisher to put out a small fire.


  • Explanation on how fire starts, develops and travels

  • The immediate effects of smoke and fire

  • Your emergency response and evacuation procedures

  • Human behaviour and how to deal with it in an emergency situation

  • What to include in a Fire Safety Policy and a template document to use at work

  • Full explanation of extinguisher types, their uses and limitations

  • Hands on practical with extinguishers to control a variety of small live fires

  • All trained fire marshals will receive a FREE Hi Vis Vest.

Course Content Includes

Course Costs

Group training
If you are looking to train between four and 15 delegates, we can bring the training to you for an all-inclusive price of £565+VAT.

Individual training
For individuals or smaller groups we offer this course at Egrove Park Conference Centre in Kennington near Oxford for just £99+VAT per person.

Refresher training
For organisations with previously trained fire marshals, we offer a group refresher course for £495.00+VAT.

Fire Marshal / Warden Training Courses at your premises in Oxford and surrounding areas.

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