Fire Marshal / Warden Training


Full Training (4 hour course)

Fire Marshal Training Course


Course Aim

Every business, no matter its size, has a legal requirement to make sure that staff receive training and information on what to do if there’s a fire. Our fire marshal training course is a cost-effective way to train your nominated fire marshals in just four hours.


By the end of this course your fire marshals will fully understand what causes a fire to start, how to lead an evacuation, their responsibilities and how to keep workplaces fire safe.


Trainees will also have the opportunity to practice using a fire extinguisher to put out a small fire.

Fire Marshal Training Course

Course Content Includes


  • Explanation on how fire starts, develops and travels

  • The immediate effects of smoke and fire

  • Your emergency response and evacuation procedures

  • Human behaviour and how to deal with it in an emergency situation

  • What to include in a Fire Safety Policy and a template document to use at work

  • Full explanation of extinguisher types, their uses and limitations

  • Hands on practical with extinguishers to control a variety of small live fires

  • All trained fire marshals will receive a FREE Hi Vis Vest.

Course costs and info

Our Fire Marshal Training is conducted at your premises in Didcot.

Group training:
If you are looking to train between four and 15 delegates, we can bring the training to you for an all-inclusive price of £565+VAT.

Individual training:
For individuals or smaller groups we offer this course at Egrove Park Conference Centre in Kennington near Oxford for just £99+VAT per person.

Refresher training:
For organisations with previously trained fire marshals, we offer a group refresher course for £495.00+VAT.

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Visit our support pages to learn more about Fire Safety duties and responsibilities.

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Fire Marshal / Warden Training