Fire Safety Awareness Training with live fire practical


Fire Safety Awareness (with Live Fire Practical)

Course Aim:

Employers have a legal requirement to train their staff and implement a Fire Safety Policy to be legally compliant, so here is Swan Fire’s solution to ensuring that you are in control with minimum fuss and minimum cost.


Our course builds knowledge on the nature and causes of fire and how to evacuate in accordance with your companies fire safety policy on hearing the alarm or discovering a fire.


To gain knowledge and practical experience on the different types of fire extinguishers and what type of fires they are used on.

Fire Safety Awareness (with Live Fire Practical)

Course Content Includes


  • Know the hazards in your working environment

  • Understand the behavior of fire, smoke and toxic fumes

  • Practice and promote fire awareness

  • Know the right action to take if a fire breaks out, or if a fire is detected

  • Be familiar with the evacuation procedure and escape routes appropriate to your location and time of duty

  • Practical use of fire extinguishers

Live fire practical includes: 

  1. Fire blanket - chip pan fire

  2. CO2 Extingusiher - Flammable liquid fire

  3. Foam Extinguisher - Flammable liquid fire

  4. Water Extinguisher - Waste paper basket fire

Course costs and info

Fire safety awareness training is conducted at your premises in BANBURY.

Our 1.5 hour training course is for up to 30 delegates for the all inclusive price of £425.00 plus VAT

The practical element of this course adds to the fun and learning experience of your staff, all the delegates from the course are able to use fire blankets and extinguishers on live controlled small fires to provide visual experience and gain essential understanding of their use and application.

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Fire Safety Practical Training


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Water Extinguisher 

Foam Extinguisher 

CO2 Extinguisher 

Class D Extinguisher - Metal Fires